Request Jeanette

Request Jeanette

Whether invited to speak in the adjacent town or across the globe, Jeanette will consider every invitation equally with prayer.

Speaking engagements are the major source of her income, however Jeanette does not believe that finance should dictate her itinerary.

For this reason she does not charge a fee for her work. However, Jeanette is very willing to accept an honorarium as the church or organisation is able.

In order to secure a desired date(s), please contact Jeanette as early as possible, although it may be possible to accept an engagement at late notice. Before you fill out the Speaker's Request Form, here are some helpful guidelines:


  • All return travel expenses and any required food and lodging expenses are to be covered by the hosting church or organisation.


  • If air travel is required, Jeanette will purchase her own ticket(s). Unless otherwise instructed, she will travel ‘Economy.’ Prompt reimbursement following invoicing is anticipated.


  • Depending on the location, Jeanette will either bring her own books to sell or the host organisation will need to order from the appropriate distributer. It may also be necessary for the host to provide someone to manage this service to the delegates.


  • If having read this you would like to proceed with a booking please click here.